1. Date night
Make the most of not having to get a baby sitter (or just having to get one for older kids) and go for a nice child-free meal or trip to the cinema – something that just becomes a bit harder once you have a baby.

2. Cook
Put batches of food into individual portions in the freezer, making it easy to grab and defrost a meal for you and/or older children when the last thing you feel like doing is cooking from scratch. Our freezer is currently full of Izzy-sized portions of homemade pasta and risotto.

3. Put that nesting instinct to good use
You should be taking it easy, but spending a little time keeping on top of washing, ironing and cleaning means less chores to come home from the hospital to. Plus the house will look reasonably respectable for those early visitors.

4. Meet up with friends
You will be too tired to socialise for a while and when you do eventually leave the house all you will want to talk about is how well/badly your little bundle of joy is sleeping/eating/pooing. So make the effort to catch up now before you become properly baby brained.

5. Family time
If you have older children, try to do some family things together, whether its a day out, a trip to the park or even just a movie night. Anyone for Frozen again?

6. Have some ‘me time’  
You will never have a better excuse to take it easy. Go for massage. Get your hair done. Sit on the sofa watching tv with a cup of tea and a family size bar of Dairy Milk. It’s for the good of the baby. Honestly.

7. Sleep
Sleeping is getting incredibly uncomfortable, but if you do get the opportunity for a lie in or afternoon nap, take it while you can!


1 comment on “Seven things you should do before baby gets here”

  1. I am definitely trying to do all of these things… specifically the sleeping part, which is proving a bit unsuccessful… 🙂

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