Be honest, how many do you relate to? I’m sure its not just me!

1. Silently (and quickly) scoff food when our children are in another room. I will always make sure my children have  everything they need, but they don’t need half my chocolate bar. It’s mine. I’m not sharing.

2. Secretly hope that our child is a little devil when our other half looks after them for a full day. Just so they appreciate how hard it can be…  

3. …And then get a bit miffed when we get home to find not only is everyone in one piece,  but the food shop has been done (without tantrums) and the house doesn’t look like a bomb has hit it.

4. Find ourselves watching Doc McStuffins and Handy Manny long after our children have left the room / gone to bed…

5. …And then find ourselves singing the theme songs. When we are alone. Or even worse, singing along to kid’s cds in the car. When we are alone.

6. Try to hide our disapproval when our child comes home from nursery or school talking about how such-and-such with an incredibly chavvy or ridiculous name is their new best friend.

7. Laugh at mild accidents. Not anything that actually results in harm of course. But falling face first into the ball pool is quite funny. Unless its someone else’s child and yours is responsible for pushing them face first into the ball pool. Then you have to at least try to act like you don’t find it funny.

8. Lie. A lot. “The Peppa Pig ride at the supermarket is broken today.” “Of course Mummy didn’t eat the last Freddo.”

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