I’ll admit it. We went over the top buying things before Izzy was born. The vast array of colourful toys, cute clothes and must-have gadgets combined with excitement and nerves meant we bought a whole host of things we could have done without.

Some things were so useful we got our money’s worth out of them ten times over, but others were a complete waste of space, time and money.

Here’s a list of some of the best – and worst – baby products we bought first time round.

Some of the best…

1. Front fastening vests
Vests with poppers down the front are so much easier to get on and off a tiny newborn than vests you pull over their head. Available from La Redoute.

2. Sleeping bags
No worrying about covers coming off in the night – or going over baby’s face – as they wriggle around. Can be expensive and you may need a couple to account for washing but the peace of mind was worth every penny. From £15 at Mothercare.

Izzy and seahorse

3. Fisherprice Soothe and Glow Seahorse
Best baby toy ever. Has a nightlight and plays soft soothing lullabies – not as noisy or mechanical sounding as some of the other options out there. Still Izzy’s favourite bed time toy and she won’t sleep without it! Available in pink or blue from Amazon.

4. Tommee tippee flask
The flask keeps water hot for making up bottles of formula, and the cover can be filled with cold water to cool them. Alternatively, use the hot water to warm bottles of expressed milk or baby food. Takes the stress out of having to find appropriate facilities when you’re out and about. Available at Argos.

5. Bouncy chair
We picked a Fisherprice rainforest bouncer with overhanging toys, lights and music for extra entertainment but there are lots of cheaper chairs available. Can be moved round the house easily so pop baby in it while you shower or do the housework and they can still see you.

6. Bibs. Lots of bibs
You might feel like you are surrounded by bibs but you can honestly never have enough. Sick, milk, dribble, baby food – you will constantly be changing bibs throughout the day. Buy a couple of pretty ones incase you go anywhere nice, (I like the triangle ones that look like little scarves) but otherwise stick to plain cotton or towel ones that will wash well.

…and the worst

1. Bottle warmer
We had one of these and never used it. Putting the bottle in a jug of water is no more hassle than waiting for a bottle warmer to heat up. Plus most won’t fit the wider bottles in.

2. Tons of neutral clothing
As we didn’t find out the gender we bought everything in white, cream and lemon. As soon as our little girl arrived we were excited to dress her in cute pink clothing that we bought and were given as gifts – and the neutral clothes were barely used. We did need a few things for when she was first born, but with 24 hour supermarkets and most websites offering next day delivery I wish we had just waited.

3. Socks and booties
We bought loads of these but as our winter baby was mainly in body suits with feet and then covered with blankets we hardly used any socks or booties in the first few months. Its so tempting though to buy millions of pairs of tiny newborn socks because they are just so cute!

4. Dozens of toys
Yes, toys are good for focus and development and babies need some stimulation, but a month old baby doesn’t need a mountain of huge teddies. You only really need a few well chosen toys in the first few months – including some easy to clean plastic rattles and a couple of small soft toys/comforters that can go in the washing machine when they inevitably get covered in baby vom.

Here’s a list of ridiculous baby products on Babble: http://www.babble.com/home/25-baby-products-nobody-needs/
My favourites are the pillow hands and the cry analyzer. I don’t know how we managed without those!

What was the most/least useful baby product you bought?

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