Month: April 2014

Secret Things That Parents Do

Be honest, how many do you relate to? I’m sure its not just me!

1. Silently (and quickly) scoff food when our children are in another room. I will always make sure my children have  everything they need, but they don’t need half my chocolate bar. It’s mine. I’m not sharing.

2. Secretly hope that our child is a little devil when our other half looks after them for a full day. Just so they appreciate how hard it can be…   (more…)

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Baby Bump Art

I’ve seen some awesome pictures of pregnant women who have had their baby bumps professionally painted. I decided to try a diy version and bought some face paint crayons.

image (more…)

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The best – and worst – baby buys

I’ll admit it. We went over the top buying things before Izzy was born. The vast array of colourful toys, cute clothes and must-have gadgets combined with excitement and nerves meant we bought a whole host of things we could have done without.

Some things were so useful we got our money’s worth out of them ten times over, but others were a complete waste of space, time and money.

Here’s a list of some of the best – and worst – baby products we bought first time round. (more…)

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Preparing children for school

Nurseries not preparing children for school (BBC News Article) 

Too many children lack basic skills that they are expected to have before they start school at age 4/5. Some are not toilet trained, can’t hold a pencil and struggle with language and communication. So who can we blame for this?

Let’s blame nurseries and pre-schools.


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