Izzy seems to be really taking to the idea of having a brother or sister. When she talks about it there is such pride in her voice and on her face, and it makes us very proud of the way she is handling such a big change in her life. Of course once Nemo is actually here I know we will have some challenges to face and her enthusiasm may be tested, but throughout the pregnancy she has been preparing for being a big sister.

imageShe talks about Nemo everyday. Sometimes she asks questions about what is happening inside my tummy. Other times she tells me about all the things she and her little brother or sister will do together – painting, baking cakes, playing games, reading books, going on holiday. We have mainly focused on the pregnancy and what Izzy can expect in the first few weeks after the birth, so its nice to see that she is thinking for herself about how Nemo will fit into our family, though I do have to explain the baby won’t be a ready-made playmate straight away!

She shows such love that I thought was only reserved for her favourite seahorse. She hugs and kisses my bump, sings songs and puts toys on top of my belly to watch Nemo make them move. She also brings toy food from her kitchen – or sometimes real food – and tries to feed it to Nemo (usually through my belly button!).

Of course there are times when she shows no interest and we don’t push it. She’s three and is at the stage where she wants to be a big girl, but she still wants to be Mammy and Daddy’s baby so will talk in goos and gaas or ask us to rock her like a baby.

When we first mentioned bringing a baby home she was very much against the idea. Until she saw the scan picture and then she seemed to have a change of heart! Now she will proudly tell anyone who will listen about how there is a baby in her Mammy’s tummy and how she is going to be a big sister. And I’m sure she will be an awesome big sister.

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