1. You know what to expect – or you think you do. No two pregnancies are the same but you got through it before in one piece so this time will be easy, right?

2. Life goes on. The first time its like you are living in a little bubble; everything you do, think or say revolves around your unborn bundle of joy. Now with juggling work, nursery and bathtimes you have so many other things on your mind its sometimes easy to forget you are pregnant. Until a swift kick in the ribs reminds you.

3. You are more relaxed about the ‘rules’. First time round you probably followed every bit of advice to the letter. Now you trust your instincts.

4. You read less. I knew about every little development day by day – now I check an app once a week if I remember.

5. You don’t buy as much stuff. Yep, you’ve learnt your lesson from all the must have items you bought last time that still have the tags on.

6. You’re not as organised. By this stage with our first we had the nursery decorated, clothes put away, hospital bag packed and everything set up months ahead of arrival. This time? Er,  I probably should start getting things ready.

7. While the novelty may have worn off for family and friends, you have a soon to be big sibling who is experiencing all this for the first time. So when you do get five minutes to focus on baby number two, baby number one will make sure it’s unique, whether they are asking awkward questions or being super cute and talking to your bump.

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