We are having a hard time trying to chose a name for baby Nemo. We have trawled through a book of 10,000+ names and have come up with a short list, but I’m not convinced we’ve found the one yet. Or two, as we need one for a girl and one for a boy.

We don’t want anything that is too popular (so there are three kids in one class with the same name) or so obscure that no one knows how to pronounce or spell it. Similarly, we don’t want anything that is too ‘chavvy’ or anything pretentious.

Other people always have an opinion when it comes to baby names. From the outright disapproval (“That’s not a proper name”) and the unintentional put-down (“No seriously, what names are you thinking of?”) to the more subtle grimace on someone’s face when you casually try out a name around them. So I’m trying to steer clear of discussing names in front of other people, but with a three year old parrot repeating all the names we’ve been ‘testing’ on her, it’s not easy!

You would think out of tens of thousands of names we would be able to find a few that we really like, but so far I just don’t feel very confident. We’ve gone off names we liked originally and came back round to names we’d previously dismissed. It’s an important decision, one that our baby will have to live with. At least until old enough to change his or her name by deed poll.

Maybe we should just carry on calling the baby Nemo. Afterall, according the the baby name book it means “he without a name”.

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