New research promotes co-sleeping

Izzy came through to our room and climbed in bed with us last night. We don’t encourage this and luckily it doesn’t happen often but as long as she is prepared to go to sleep and not just wanting to play sometimes it’s not worth the 2am tears to try and put her back in her own bed. However I cannot sleep well when she’s in bed with me. I toss and turn a lot and I’m terrified of rolling over, hitting, kicking or covering her with a big thick duvet.

Plus I have the occasional crazy moment in my sleep. It started when I used to breastfeed Izzy while sat in bed. I would half wake up and wouldn’t be able to remember putting her back in her moses basket so I would start to panic that I’d fallen asleep while feeding and dropped her. Sometimes I would be convinced that Izzy was in bed and was about to fall out so would hold her tightly trying to save her. Except Isabel would be safe in her basket or cot and instead of ‘saving’ I was full on attacking Hubby in his sleep. Somehow mistaking a grown man for a tiny baby.

It didn’t just affect my brain either. One night I woke to find Hubby with his hands round my neck trying to put on an imaginary bib and telling me not to worry, he would change my nappy now. Er, please don’t!

I panicked that if we did let our daughter share our bed when young we could end up really hurting her in our sleep deprived state.

Hence why we have only just let Izzy share our bed now she is a bit bigger and it is very much an exception rather than the norm.

Maybe if we had co-slept from birth I would be used to it and would be able to relax more. But this new research isn’t going to convince me to do things differently with baby number 2 – even the suggestion that sleeping apart affects brain development as I definitely haven’t seen any evidence of that in my own daughter. Co-sleeping may have many benefits, but the issue of safety would always weigh on my mind far too much to make it an enjoyable experience for any of us.

It certainly hasn’t affected Izzy. And getting a decent night’s sleep probably makes me a lot more pleasant to be around! I’m not feeling all that pleasant today…

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