We bought this book for our 3 year old to explain why mummy is getting fat. Well, fatter. Each page tells the child what happens each month of pregnancy.

Izzy was stood in the fruit and veg aisle is Tesco and suddenly started to get very excited when she spotted a pineapple – as her book told her thats how big baby Nemo is this month. So she preceeded to tell everyone in sight about how her mummy has a pineapple sized baby in her belly.

You can hold the book up to your tummy to show the ‘real life’ size of the baby – though the pictures in the book are a bit on the generous side, especially the last page which shows a new born baby with the head the same size as a large toddler. Ouch.

Our little girl prefers to flick straight to this last page and play a guessing game as to what is under the flap.

“What’s in your tummy, mummy? I think it’s a……… sausage roll!”

Well probably. That and cake.

We looked at a few other books about new siblings but many either focused on what happens once the baby is born or went into far too much detail about conception. And I am so not ready to answer those kinds of questions. As far as our child is concerned the baby got in there the same way it’s getting out. By magic.

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