Katie Hopkins’ latest rant is about full time mothers. 

I really don’t get this woman. She basically spends her her time dishing out controversial parenting advice despite spending so little time with her own children and seemingly having such intense hatred for anything to do with motherhood. She considers being a full time mum as some kind of cop out from ‘real life’. Even part time workers don’t get a break, with her seeing that as not being committed enough to a career. Working full time might work for her. It might work for many mothers, as all families and situations are different. But it’s about choice. She makes it sound like women should be ashamed to enjoy motherhood. As if it goes against everything that generations of women have fought so hard for in terms of gender equality.

In the past women were expected to stay at home with the kids. Those that wanted a career had to sacrifice having a family. Its not one or the other any more. We have so much more choice when it comes to deciding what we do with our lives and how we spend our time. Sometimes our choices are limited due to situation and more likely finances, but mostly our choices are limited by the criticism we face from others. By other women. Katie Hopkins seems to think that by being anything other than a high flying career woman you are not living up to your potential and are disgracing your entire gender.

That’s not about feminism. That’s not about equality. Equality is about having the same choices as others, but picking the one that’s right for you. And full time parenting is right for some. I work part time. It gives me the best of both worlds – the opportunity to finish a cup of tea in peace, go to the toilet in peace, make a phone call in peace and of course use my brain for something other than guessing which Mouskatool Mickey should use – and time to spend with my daughter. I won’t get this time back. I chose to have kids so I could enjoy spending time with them. I don’t see that as a weakness. In fact I see it very much as a strength. I know I shouldn’t let her get to me. After all this is the woman who had the This Morning audience in uproar over her criticism of geographically inspired baby names, yet named her own daughter India. Clearly there is no thought or justification to her arguments, just a desperate need to stay in the limelight so she can fill her days with interviews and can avoid going home to look after her children.

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