I feel like I should be upfront and say this blog is essentially a Mummy blog. It won’t always be about baby sick and toddler tantrums though – after all there is more to me than being a parent. In fact that is why I am starting this blog. I used to blog a lot – prior to my first pregnancy and mostly about failed dating disasters (anonymously of course) – but that fell by the wayside as I concentrated on getting to grips with being a new mum, and then with the realities of juggling family with work.

Now, with a three year old and a second baby on the way, I’ve realized I need to make more time for the things I enjoy. Or the things I did enjoy before becoming a mum. Because I sometimes have a hard time remembering that there is more to me than that – and I need to spend some time (in between going to swimming lessons and doing the school run) doing something that is just for me. By writing about the swimming lessons and the school run.

I love being a mum, and it provides – in my opinion – blog worthy anecdotes that are ideal for rediscovering my love of writing and blogging. Hence why I’m combining the two. I’m just one of billions of mothers across the world. I don’t profess to know the answers – like everyone else I’m learning as I go along. This blog is just my personal opinion, my story and who knows, perhaps the occasional useful tip.

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